I’m a GNU/Linux Fan since 10 years now. I discover this system with Windows News (Dont’ laught, it’s not a joke) and I continue to use it since this Time. My first Windows manager was Enlightenment (http://www.enlightenment.org). I was completly addict to this program, and all features it proposed. (remeber alien theme :)).  When Enligtenment project, and Rasterman decide to create new canvas libray (Evas), I was trying to write my first C program to use these libraries. ome years later I sent some patch to the mailing list, and write some peace of code for E and EFL. Finally in 2005 I decided to launched my own Media Center program : Enna. I try to hack on it in my free time.This project is now hosted on  E SVN server and use all great and fast libs that E provides (EFL).

Few month ago, geexbox developers contact me. I was surprised, but they seems to like enna. Together we try to create a good, modern, simple, fast and easy to use User Interface for Geexbox.

This Blog aims to be a diary of my developments. Feel free to comment, discuss and patch. It’s free software 🙂

As you can see, my english is not perfect so, you can patch it too :). All my text are under :
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