Enna’s news

Hi folks,

this summer, i have added some new features in enna photos activity. For a long time now, this module have a lot of bugs, was really slow. When I start to write it, and integrate the wall, i was proud of me and don’t touch it anymore. But they was a buggy slideshow mode, and it was redundant with photo preview. So I decided to rewrite some piece of wall. First, in may, I added a thumbnailer process. It generates thumbnails of pictures on demand and in parallel with enna process. Thus interface is not freezed anymore, and people who have 2 or more processors will be happy 🙂 Another good point of this thumbnailer, is that it can rotate pictures according to exif metadatas.

Last week I have finally integrated the wall as a view in enna. Interface is more user friendly, code is simpler and interface is better that the old menu on top of wall with list of directories. Now directories are diplayed directly in wall and you can navigated only with this interface. Photo preview desaperead, and slideshow is launched in pause mode when you select a photo. I have added an icon bar with next/prev/pause/stop button. By the way, photos are rotate when exif rotation info is set. Or you can click on rotate button. So if your camera do the job, your photo are always in the right direction, if not you can rotate manually !

let me show you some screenshots :


Wall with picture selected

slideshow infobar

slideshow infobar

It’s all for now. I hope that soon we will add a lot of enna’s grabbers in libvalhalla. you can look at excellent mat blog post if you read french 🙂 it’s really interesting.