Enna Development process

They are a lot of changes in Enna development process.

2 month ago Ben have imported Enna svn in Geexbox Mercurial repository. Mercurial is a distributed revision control sofware, exactly like Git. So since Mon, 18 Aug 2008, enna development take place in the official GeexBox repository.

Why ?

First, as geexbox deveveloppers are the main contributors to enna source code, it’s simplier to have development in their repository.The second reaseaon, is that i’m very excited to see enna integrated into next version of Geexbox (2.0). So hosted RCS enna in gb repository take sense and development is faster. The third reason, is that enna is always hosted in the SVN Enlightenment repository, so old Sourceforge SVN is now deprecated.

We add new feature in mercurial. And when a feature is complete, I synchronize Mercurial with Enlightenment SVN.

So how to do to retrieve source code ?

Geexbox Mercurial repository :

If you want to test the last code, it means that sometimes compilation may be broken you can retrieve the mercurial version :

hg clone http://hg.geexbox.org/enna

And if you want update

hg pull -u

Enlightenment SVN repository :

If you want a version that is more stable (but always in development) you can retrieve Enlightenment SVN trunk :

svn co http://svn.enlightenment.org/svn/e/trunk/MISC/enna

And if you want update :

svn up