Road to Enna NextGen

For Two month, I’m writing new version of Enna. As you can see In my previous post, this version run on Maemo. But the main goal is always to write a complete Media Center arround EFL libs for PC. You can found this new version here :

svn co enna
and as usual :
cd enna && ./ && make && make install

At the moment you should be able to play music file if you have backend compiled and installed. The first backend you can use is emotion. But this weekend GeeXBox Guys added new backend based on libplayer. Thanks Ben to have added this new feature. Development go fast, and I hope to release an alpha version soon with few features : Only Music and Video playback. Development of new modules is fast (Only 1 hour to write libplayer backend for example) and new plugins should come soon.
I tought to write squeezecenter plugin, to control this network player with enna.
And if i have time, I will provide deb packages for maemo.

More comming soon 🙂