Evas Reflection #2

I played a little bit more with evas and reflection. In my last post I proposed a way to add reflection with Evas. But this code was false.

Correct code have been added to enna, and you can view the result here :

Evas Reflection

Evas Reflection

  • First you need to add alpha layer, to enable premultiplication. It’s done when you load an image like png with alpha or if you add directly this alpha layer with : evas_object_image_alpha_set (Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Bool has_alpha)
  • When I copy pixess, I have add a bug. The pixels indexes were false when I flip the image. I have correct this in the new code.

To be integrated in Enna, I have write a Evas_Smart Object, here is the code :