Nokia N810

Few days ago, I received in my Mailbox a mail from maemo. I’m accepeted to the N810 maemo device program. I have received discount code to get N810 for “only” 99€.

Thank you Maemo, Thank you Nokia !

For 2 weeks, I play a bit with scratchbox and CHINOOK release. It’s really, really great to have this kinds of tool in opensource world. Documentation and tutorial are perfect, and i took only 2 hours to have eet, evas, ecore and edje compiling and running on it. I want to thanks guys who have done a great work on EFL.

I have compiled emotion with gstreamer support. But actually, I need to work on gstreamer backend to support sinks of N8X0 : dspmp3sink.
After doing this, I think that I have all to compile enna for N810 😀